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Bible Study Guide Season 1: What Does it Mean to be Chosen?

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This is the official companion study to Season 1 of The Chosen, the groundbreaking television series about the life of Jesus.

In it, you’ll find a deeper look into the Scriptures that influenced each season, script excerpts, quotes, show illustrations, and guiding questions for groups or individuals.

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This is the official companion study to Season 1 of The Chosen, the groundbreaking television series about the life of Jesus. 

What Does It Mean to Be Chosen? parallels each episode, connecting readers to the Bible in a brand-new way. It includes:

  • A deeper look at Isaiah 43 and its fulfillment in Jesus and the lives of His followers (including us!)
  • Script excerpts, quotes, and illustrations from the show
  • Guiding questions for groups or individuals

Being chosen by Jesus has beautiful and far-reaching implications—although it says even more about the Chooser than the choosees. We are loved because He's love. We are saved because He's merciful. We belong to the family of God because Jesus invites us, making the Bible and all its promises as true for us today as it was for God’s chosen nation.

What does it actually mean to be Chosen? To answer that question, we’re going Old school—Testament that is—which leads us back to the New. Which always leads us directly to Jesus.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shawn Parks
Outstanding and accessible content

My small group lives the layout, the content, and the conversational tone of the writing. We actually laugh out loud.

One concern for my group is that many of my group is elderly and they find the color and size of the text very hard to read. Those of us who have younger eyes don’t seem to have that problem.

Looking forward to moving on to Season two study after the holidays!

Laurel Osborne
Great accompaniment to the show

I’ve watched the series several times now. Can’t seem to get enough. Several of my friends and I recently decided to re-watch an episode each week and then discuss it on Google Meet, since we are spread across the country. (Ya gotta love technology!) There are so many beautiful messages in each episode, and the study guide enhances the experience, providing not only thought provoking insight regarding the character’s spiritual journeys, but also opportunities to pray about our own personal struggles. Thank you for providing this study guide to The Chosen. I highly recommend it to new seekers and seasoned Christians alike.

Gayle Rosekrans
He is Faithful

I purchased the first Study Guides when it was initially offered in 'preparedness' anticipation. My church has finally discovered The Chosen!!! The church is offering a "Chosen" movie night to our community. The Study Guides have been put to work and are bearing fruit. Excitement fills the room and hearts as people are reaching out to touch and be touched by a very real Jesus. Thank you!

Joseph Vamvaketis

Awesome gift.

Kathy Arabie

I am going through the episodes for Seasons 1, 2 and 3 for the third time. I always pick up on something I missed the previous viewings. Now, I read the appropriate Bible Study Guide too, and find even more pearls of wisdom. Love The Chosen - the movie, the books, the cast, the crew, those who had the first idea for this, and the items on The Chosen Gifts dot com. Thanks to all involved.