Your donation makes it possible
for others to come and see.

The Chosen has become one of the most-watched shows in the world. Over 110 million people have seen at least one episode. Today, the show’s demands have outgrown what we can currently sustain—but of course, God has been doing some impossible math to meet that demand.

A new nonprofit, The Come and See Foundation, has made our mission their mission — to fund future seasons and spread The Chosen to the world. Come and See will dramatically accelerate the show’s impact and your contribution.

Every $1 you donate to fund season four, $1 will be matched to reach new viewers. Come and See Foundation has secured matching gifts to make this possible. Your donations—the loaves and fish you bring—will literally be multiplied to fund next season AND accelerate audience growth through marketing, distribution, and language translation.

The show has and will continue to be free as long as it lasts. You now have the opportunity to ensure we reach 7 seasons and keep it free around the world by making your optional payment a tax deductible gift to the Come and See Foundation.

Note: The matching funds are only applied to donations received by the Come and See Foundation. You may continue to support the show through Angel Studio’s Pay It Forward option, but matching dollars are not able to be applied.

Come and See will be ready to receive donations very soon. If you’d like to be notified when you can begin giving, just let us know.